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Delhi Chilli is a family restaurant, and each member in the family is a food fanatic, lover, criticizer and absolutely adores to satisfy those taste buds. Ain’t we all!!! 😀

Me and my wife both have been here in Singapore for more than 10years, and although we both hail from different countries, cultures, we feel proud accepting that Singapore is now home for us. In the last 10yrs, we have seen many things changing in the food industry from the cleanliness of the food courts/restaurants to ever changing prices. We have been living in the North of Singapore for almost 10yrs now and we have not found a decent North Indian restaurant here. I have met people living in the North who travel to different parts of Singapore to enjoy a decent North Indian meal.

We plan to serve all those people to the least, and we look forward to meet a lot of different people from all around Singapore. We welcome you all to come enjoy our tasty food in a cozy environment and give us a chance to serve and know you.

My next update will be around the progress of the kitchen renovation and we are going to release our menu soon too.

Till then………………. XOXO

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